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Courteney Cox Returns To 'Friends' With A Total Wildcard Cameo

It's the one with Ed Sheeran performing "The Routine." Courteney Cox finally gave “Friends” fans the performance they had all been waiting for on Sunday, with a little extra surprise: Monica Geller…

'Smelly Cat,' By Lisa Kudrow And Lady Gaga, Becomes Summer's Song
Lady Gaga

You don't pay Lisa Kudrow a reported $2.5 million to appear in a "Friends" reunion special and not have her perform the defining ballad of our time, "Smelly Cat." Thankfully, she had a little help…

The 'Friends' Cast Reveals The One Thing Fans Will Hate To Hear (SPOILER)

They will always be "Friends," but the cast of the classic sitcom will not be reuniting in public to catch up. Courteney Cox made the surprising statement as the emotional conclusion to HBO Max's "…

'Friends' Reunion Special Gets First Trailer And Premiere Date On HBO Max
Jennifer Aniston

While it truly hasn't been anybody's day, week, month and particularly year, "Companions" fans have been especially tolerant with the much-deferred gathering extraordinary. Indeed, the stand by is…