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In A New Stinging Ad, The Republican Party Is Accused Of Betraying America.
Donald Trump

“The Republican Party betrayed America, and we will never forgive them.” So concludes the latest online ad from progressive PAC MeidasTouch, which criticizes Senate Republicans for opposing a bipar…

Cop Nearly Killed By Trump Mob Rips GOP For 'Selling Bullshit' On U.S. Legislative Hall Riot
Republican Party

A D.C. cop who was caught by the Jan. 6 crowd at the U.S. Legislative hall and almost pounded into the ground is getting down on Republican administrators who are openly denying the savagery that ha…

Kevin McCarthy Now Willing To Meet With Shunned Capitol Police Officer About Riot
Capitol Riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Thursday that he's currently able to meet with a U.S. State house Police official who's angry that Republican administrators are attempting to re…