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A Man From Alabama Claims That His Hand Had To Be Amputated Due To The Handcuffs Being Too Tight.

An Alabama man has filed a federal lawsuit against a local deputy, alleging that he had to have his hand amputated after the deputy handcuffed him for hours, causing his fingers to turn black. Giov…

The ACLU Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Arkansas For An Anti-transgender Law That Restricts Youth Health Care.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the state of Arkansas on Tuesday over a new law that prevents transgender children from receiving essential medical care, claiming that the…

A Chinese-American Organization Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Trump For Alleged Racial Slurs That Sparked Racial Violence.
Donald Trump

The Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition has filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump for his anti-Chinese rhetoric and Asian slurs, accusing him of inciting an increase in violence…

GOP Lawmaker Sued By Former Staffer For 'Reckless' Approach To COVID-19

A previous staff member for Rep. Doug Lamborn is suing the Republican representative from Colorado for taking a "careless and hazardous methodology" to COVID-19, purportedly gambling staff being con…