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According To Reports, Donald Trump's Much-touted Blog Has Flopped As Interest Waned.
Donald Trump

According to data, former President Donald Trump's much-touted internet debut is a flop. Trump launched the “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog in early May after being barred from Twitter, Fac…

Trump Decision Shows Facebook More Concerned About PR Than Actual Oversight
Donald Trump

On Wednesday, a semi free corporate warning board delegated by Facebook declined to run on whether the web-based media monster ought to forever prohibit previous President Donald Trump from its foun…

Twitter Users Not Impressed By Trump's New 'Communications Platform'
Donald Trump

Previous President Donald Trump launched another "interchanges stage" on Tuesday that will permit him to address his devotees despite the fact that he is right now restricted from Twitter and Facebo…

John Legend Explains What Went Down With Chrissy Teigen Leaving, Returning To Twitter

John Legend gave fans some knowledge into what went on in the background when his better half Chrissy Teigen up and stop Twitter recently, just to get back to the online media stage half a month lat…

Tom Brady Still Can't Live Down His Shirtless 2000 Combine Photo On NFL Draft Day

You may know the Cinderella story of quarterback Tom Brady. Picked 199th in the 2000 NFL Draft, Brady guided the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl titles. He won another with the Tampa Bay Bucc…