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How To Stay Cool And Safe During A Heat Wave
Climate Change

It's getting hot outside, and the temperature isn't the only thing that's rising. Heat-related illnesses have become more common as temperatures have risen, making it more difficult for the human b…

Majorie Taylor Greene Goes To The Holocaust Museum To Remind Herself That Genocide Is Evil
Public Health

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is attempting to portray herself as someone who is not filled with hatred for marginalized people in the aftermath of intense bipartisan backlash for her repeated comment…

After An Encounter With An Unvaccinated Woman, I'm Reconsidering How We Can Put An End To The Pandemic.

After a COVID-19 quarantine prevented me from swimming laps at my gym for 15 months, I returned three weeks ago, and within minutes of getting into the pool, I had a run-in with a 30-something woman…

I Worked On A Vaccine Hotline, And Here's The Main Issue With The System.

I worked the vaccine registration hotline for a county in suburban Pennsylvania for the past three months or so, and I was struck by the magnitude of a systemic inequity among vaccine recipients and…

The COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver Fight Is Far From Over

The Biden organization's declaration last Wednesday that it wanted to help deferring licensed innovation (IP) insurances for COVID-19 antibodies provoked applause from worldwide general wellbeing ba…