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Georgia Is Being Sued By The Justice Department For Its Restrictive Voting Laws.

The Justice Department announced on Friday that it is suing the state of Georgia over a restrictive voting law enacted in response to former President Donald Trump's lies about widespread voter frau…

The United States Lifts Strict Trump-Era Asylum Requirements For Victims Of Violence
Department Of Justice

Two Trump administration policies that made it more difficult for Central American immigrants fleeing violence to seek asylum in the United States have been repealed. Attorney General Merrick Garla…

Mitch McConnell Has Stated That If Joe Biden Is Nominated To The Supreme Court In 2024, He Will Vote Against It.
Supreme Court

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Monday that it is "highly unlikely" that he would allow President Joe Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if Republicans regain control…

Racial Oppressors Are The Biggest Domestic Terrorism Threat, Top Biden Officials Say
White Supremacy

Racial oppression is the best homegrown illegal intimidation danger confronting the United States, the Biden organization's top law implementation authorities told administrators on Wednesday. The…