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Stephen Colbert Brutally Randsplains To Rand Paul Why He Requires The Vaccine

To refute Sen. Rand Paul's vaccine skepticism, Stephen Colbert delivered some hilarious logic on Tuesday (watch the video below). Paul, an ophthalmologist, stated that he will not receive the COVID…

Sen. Rand Paul Of Kentucky Has Stated That He Will Not Receive The COVID-19 Vaccine.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has said he will not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, despite a massive effort by the White House and medical experts to get more Americans immunized against the deadly disease. O…

Rand Paul Yells More, Listens Less In Yet Another Hearing With Fauci

On Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul continued what's become his standard technique for cross examination whenever he has the chance to address Dr. Anthony Fauci: Talk noisily, listen less and declare unwarra…