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Maker Of Gross Countertop Spaghetti 'Hack' Claims He Wants 'To Make Cooking Fun'

An odd pasta video got Twitter clients all wound like fusilli. Be that as it may, the video's maker, Josh Flom, revealed to Stardia he simply needs "to make cooking fun, and something everybody ca…

Jerry Seinfeld Has A Weird Baseball Ritual With Matthew Broderick

Jerry Seinfeld eats, rests and inhales baseball. Particularly the eating part. "I like eating and watching and not blabbering," the entertainer said in an outtake shared by "The Tonight Show" on…

Michelle Obama Admits What We All Think About Dessert On 'The Late Show'
Stephen Colbert

Michelle Obama advances good dieting on her Netflix show "Waffles + Mochi," however even the previous first woman has her cutoff points. (Watch the video beneath.) In a "Bites or Lose" portion on…