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Ben Affleck's Father Expresses His Dissatisfaction With 'Nonsense' Bennifer Frenzy
Jennifer Lopez

A family reunion may be in order, as Ben Affleck's father has "no idea" what's going on in his son's love life, particularly with Jennifer Lopez. Since almost everyone else has weighed in on the Be…

Gwyneth Paltrow Would Like To Remind You That She Has Also Dated Ben Affleck.

The power of Bennifer 2.0 is truly limitless, like some kind of celebrity black hole sucking all of the shared couple's exes into its vortex. First, Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Sean "Diddy" Combs c…

Diddy Has Just Inadvertently Invaded The Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez Relationship Debate

Ex-boyfriends are inherently embarrassing, but there are those who post heartfelt memes about heartbreak after a breakup, and then there's Diddy. Sean Love Combs, aka Diddy, appears to have awoken…

Ben Affleck Appearances To Rewear Watch Given To Him By Jennifer Lopez In The Early '90s
Jennifer Lopez

If you can't get enough of the rumors about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's rekindled romance, you'll love this. The celebrity couple has been spotted out and about in what appears to be a rekind…

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Reportedly Took Their Maybe Romance On Vacation
Celebrity Relationships

Send your contemplations, supplications and Coldplay profound slices to Alex Rodriguez on the grounds that Bennifer is apparently reviving their relationship. A get-together excessively huge for o…

Bennifer: The Redux? Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Hanging Out Again.
Jennifer Lopez

In news that goes down smoother than an every day Dunkin' frosted espresso (additional sugar with a side of Munchkins), exceptionally single exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted hanging…