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The Republican Party's Election Chief In Arizona Slams The Craziness Of Vote Recounting.
Maricopa County Arizona

In a scathing opinion piece published in the conservative National Review, the Republican in charge of elections in Maricopa County slammed the ongoing recount initiated by the GOP-dominated Arizona…

Maricopa County Requests That The Arizona Senate Keep Recount Records For The Purpose Of A Potential Lawsuit.
Donald Trump

PHOENIX — Maricopa County officials directed the Arizona Senate and the auditors they hired to review the county's 2020 election count to save documents for a possible lawsuit on Friday. The count…

According To An Arizona Official, Voting Machines Are No Longer Functional Due To The Control Of The Recount Firm.

Arizona's secretary of state informed Maricopa County officials on Thursday that hundreds of the state's vote-tabulating machines should no longer be used due to the inept, partisan company hired by…

Sheriff Goes Ballistic After Arizona Recounters Demand Access To County Passwords
2020 Election

The privately owned business directing the GOP 2020 political decision describe in Arizona is presently requesting admittance to government web switches and passwords, which the Maricopa County sher…