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The United States Zoo's Oldest Male Chimp Has Died.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The oldest male chimp living in a North American accredited zoo died Saturday at the age of 63 at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens. Cobby, the chimp, was a hand-reared performi…

An 11-year-old Pianist Dressed As An Alligator Performs For Lemurs.

In Thailand, an 11-year-old pianist is performing music for lemurs at a zoo while dressed as an alligator. Seenlada Supat has been performing weekly concerts at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, southeast o…

A 3-day Escape From The Wisconsin Zoo Is Staged By An Arthritic Alligator.

An “unathletic” alligator with “terrible arthritis” managed to stage a three-day breakout, perplexing the owner of a Wisconsin zoo. Steve "Doc" Hopkins, owner of Doc's Zoo at Doc's Harley Davidson…

3 Leopards Escaped A Chinese Zoo. The Zoo Didn't Tell Anyone For Weeks.

Authorities at a safari park in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou have apologized after three panthers got away from toward the end of last month and nobody informed general society. As indicat…