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On Spanish Island, Two Americans Were Killed In A Sea Cliff Climbing Accident.

On Monday, two American men died in a sea cliff climbing accident on the Spanish island of Mallorca. According to multiple local media outlets, their bodies were discovered floating in the sea near…

After The Train Doors Closed Between Her And The Tethered Dog, A Woman Was Dragged To Her Death.
San Francisco

In San Francisco, a woman died when the doors of a train closed between her and her dog, to whom she was tethered via a hands-free leash, and she was dragged along the track. According to Bay Area…

After Attending Four Zoom Funerals In The Last Year, Here's What I've Learned About Grief.

During the Pandemic, I went to four Zoom funerals. Each one was populated by squares of pixelated faces grieving from home online together; heartfelt eulogies that glitched; and poems and video mon…

I Had Never Met My Boyfriend In Person, So When He Died Unexpectedly, I Was At A Loss For What To Do.

When my boyfriend of nearly three years, Gabriel, died, the first thing I did was Google "What do you do when your boyfriend dies?" I couldn't find the answer I was looking for, so I went to the co…

Undertaker Answers Weird Questions About What They Do To Your Body After You Die
Weird News

Demise happens to everybody at last ― however when it happens to you, you will not by and large have the option to pose any inquiries about the interaction. Like how would they manage your crap? W…