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Judy Garland's Long-Lost 'Wizard Of Oz' Dress May Have Been Discovered In A Trash Bag
Washington Dc

Long thought to be lost somewhere over the rainbow, an important Tinseltown treasure was discovered. But, as The Washington Post reported earlier this month, members of the drama department at Cath…

Rudy Giuliani's License To Practice Law In Washington, D.C., Has Been Suspended.
Donald Trump

On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani was barred from practicing law in Washington, D.C., just two weeks after he was barred from doing so in New York due to his numerous lies about the 2020 election. The or…

Protests Erupted After A Video Showed A Black Woman Being Dragged Down The Stairs At A Gay Bar.

Staff at a gay bar in Washington, D.C., say they fired a security vendor after disturbing video of a guard violently dragging a Black female patron down the stairs went viral on social media. Foota…

To Increase Diversity, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Demands Higher Pay For Hill Staff.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is advocating for higher pay for congressional staffers in order to increase diversity on Capitol Hill. On Monday, Ocasio-Cortez joined 110 other members of Con…

After Cicada Dive-Bombs Him On Live TV, A Reporter Recovers Flawlessly
Washington Dc

After a rogue cicada assailed him during a live shot Wednesday, a Washington, D.C., reporter provided some comic relief. Fox 5 DC's Evan Lambert reported on the announcement that hospitals in Washi…

There's Never Been A Good Argument Against D.C. Statehood
Washington Dc

Josh Burch recalls the specific second he understood how silly it is that Washington, D.C., isn't a state. In 2011, during a strained round of dealings over bureaucratic spending, at that point Pres…