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The 'Suspicious' Moment In Logan Paul-Floyd-Mayweather Fight Has Been Called Off

Fight fans blasted the Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match for the constant clinches, but one of their ring hugs piqued the interest of some news outlets (see video below). The New York…

Someone Had To Silence Jake Paul During Logan Paul's Fight, And Then It Happened.
Logan Paul

Jake Paul was obviously rooting for his YouTuber brother Logan Paul in his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Sunday, but he probably let his emotions get in the way of what was really goi…

The Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather Fight Is Getting Roasted By Fans For Being An Annoyance.
Logan Paul

Why fight when you can hug? Floyd Mayweather Jr., the former undefeated boxing champion, was unable to knock out YouTube personality Logan Paul in their exhibition fight on Sunday in Miami, but he…

Floyd Mayweather Press Conference With Jake Paul Gets Grabby And Rough
Logan Paul

Caps off to Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul, who turned into a web sensation on Thursday in light of a fight that began after the dubious YouTuber snatched the fighter's cap off his head. Mayweathe…