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Joe Biden Abandons Federal Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Joe Biden

In the political battle over unemployment benefits, President Joe Biden has conceded to Republicans. Biden stated last month that the additional $300 added to unemployment benefits by the federal g…

As Americans Prepare For Memorial Day Travel, The White House Defends High Gas Prices.
Joe Biden

The White House tried to assuage Americans' fears about rising gas prices ahead of Memorial Day weekend on Friday, saying prices have "stabilized" and are "well in line with what they've been in rec…

Jen Psaki Says She Will Likely Serve Just 1 Year As Press Secretary

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a meeting she intends to serve in her organization part for about a year prior proceeding onward to invest more energy with her family. Psaki offered…

Newsmax Reporter Tries Trump's 'People Are Saying' Logic. Jen Psaki Isn't Having It.

A Newsmax correspondent attempted Friday to get White House press secretary Jen Psaki to react to something antagonistic that "individuals are saying" about President Joe Biden — yet Psaki made shor…