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Emma Stone Dismisses Rumors About Spice Girls-Related Injury
Ellen DeGeneres

Emma Stone has put a fiery rumor about how she broke her shoulder two years ago to rest. On Wednesday's episode of "The Ellen Show," the "Cruella" star admitted that she had inflicted herself, but…

Luke Bryan Had To Tell His Angry Mom He Didn't Father Maren Morris' Baby
Luke Bryan

In Luke Bryan's case, mother didn't know best — yet she heard first. On "Ellen" Tuesday, have Ellen DeGeneres joked the "American Idol" judge about a newspaper misunderstanding that prompted repor…

Courteney Cox Recalls A Hilarious Moment From Being In The 'Friends' Fountain
Ellen DeGeneres

Courteney Cox needs "Companions" fans to know: The photographs and recordings of the cast hanging out in the acclaimed wellspring in the initial scene were not close to as enjoyable to shoot as they…