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Republicans Claim That Conspiracy Theories About Election Fraud Caused Republican Voters To Stay Home In The New Mexico Special Election.
Republican Party

In an email sent on Thursday, the Republican Party of New Mexico blamed GOP congressional candidate Mark Moores' loss in a special election on "low voter turnout" caused by "angry" Republican voters…

Brad Raffensperger, A Victim Of Trump's Election Deception, Is Running For Re-election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the Republican official who was chastised by former President Donald Trump while doing his job certifying the 2020 election results in his state, has c…

How This Red State Expanded Voting Access

This story was co-distributed in association with the Center for Public Integrity. On the evening of Jan. 21, a gathering of public authorities accumulated in Kentucky's Capitol in Frankfort for a…

Expecting More Support, Senate Democrats Amend Big Voting Rights Bill

Senate Democrats are making changes to their broad democratic rights, crusade money, redistricting and morals change bundle, expecting to better the odds of passing the main concern bill. Sen. Amy…