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Giving People Money Does Not Appear To Be Destroying The Economy.

If, as Republicans claim, the federal government's efforts to help the economy are actually harming it, the best available data does not support that theory. Employers added 559,000 jobs in May, co…

Let Us Not Panic Over One Job Report, Says Biden's Labor Secretary

The jobs report on Friday could show that the economy added nearly a million jobs last month, or it could be another bust, indicating that the United States will not recover as quickly as hoped from…

Even As A Pandemic Ravages The Economy, CEO Pay Rises To $12.7 Million.

NEW YORK (AP) — As COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world last year, CEOs' large pay packages appeared to be under threat along with everything else. Fortunately for those CEOs, many had boards of di…

More GOP-Run States Announce Cuts To Federal Unemployment Benefits

Jobless specialists in a few states will lose admittance to government jobless advantages, which Republican lead representatives censure for laborer deficiencies. "Notwithstanding our economy's so…

US Employers Added Just 266,000 Jobs In April As Hiring Slows

WASHINGTON (AP) — America's managers added only 266,000 positions a month ago, pointedly lower than in March and a sign that a few organizations are battling to discover enough laborers as the finan…