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Obamacare Has Now Enrolled 31 Million People, The Most Ever.

More people are getting health insurance through the Affordable Care Act than ever before, providing new evidence of the law's worth even as its survival is dependent on a Supreme Court decision tha…

The Editor Of A Leading Medical Journal Resigns Due To Remarks About "Structural Racism"

The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association's editor-in-chief will resign after the publication faced backlash following controversial comments made by another editor on a podcast.…

'First Swim Trunks' Elliot Page Celebrates His Body In Beamed Poolside Snap:
Health Care

After speaking out about his "life-changing" top surgery earlier this year, Elliot Page reached a new milestone on Monday. The Oscar nominee, 34, captioned the poolside photo, "Trans bb's first swi…

Officials Say The Biden Budget Will Call For Action On Health Care But Will Not Provide Specifics.
Joe Biden

According to White House officials, President Joe Biden's budget will explicitly call for major health-care legislation this year, even though it will not include specific numbers or policy details…

Why Democrats Could Actually Pass Prescription Drug Legislation This Year
Democratic Party

It's not difficult to expect that President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party partners are tricking themselves, tricking most of us or possibly both when they say they will pass enactment to dimini…