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Arizona Vote Audit Is Delayed Once More Due To Cyber Ninjas' COVID-19 Outbreak

The partisan Arizona audit of 2020 presidential election ballots has been harshly criticized once again by Democratic and Republican leaders, amid yet another delay caused by a COVID-19 outbreak at…

'Botched': Arizona GOP Ballot Count Ends, But Problems Continue

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Republicans’ partisan review of the 2020 election results got off to a rocky start when their contractors broke ballot counting rules, prompting election experts to warn the…

The Justice Department Has Issued A Warning To States Regarding 'unusual' Trump-inspired Audits.
2020 Election

As Trump-supporting politicians across the country consider conducting conspiratorial "audits" of 2020 election returns, the Justice Department warned on Wednesday that federal law requires states t…

The Cyber Ninjas Are Now Pounding On The Doors Of Arizona Voters In Order To Grill Them About The 2020 Ballots.
2020 Election

The long-running audit of Arizona presidential votes may become more contentious now that the head of the company in charge of the recount, Cyber Ninjas, has demanded permission to go to voters' hom…