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In The 'Madame X' Documentary Teaser, Madonna Is Back In Fighting Form.

Madonna teased fans this week with a new teaser for her long-awaited “Madame X” concert documentary. The vibrant video, which was released on Thursday, depicts Madonna performing onstage at the Col…

Madonna Calls Britney Spears' Conservatorship A "Violation Of Human Rights"
Britney Spears

Madonna has come out in support of Britney Spears, claiming that her conservatorship is a "violation of human rights." The singer, who appeared on Spears' single "Me Against The Music," is the most…

Lil Nas X Isn't Offended By Madonna's 'Joke' About His Onstage Makeout

Avoiding a feud between Madonna and Lil Nas X during Pride Month, no less, feels like a win for all of us. But the Queen of Pop had us worried for a while after she sparked outrage by interfering w…