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Val Demings, A Democrat, Has Officially Announced His Senate Campaign To Unseat Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio

Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings announced her candidacy for the Senate on Wednesday, aiming to unseat Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who is serving his second term. “I’ve never tired of represent…

In The Senate Race, Trump Acquitter Rubio Will Most Likely Face Trump Prosecutor Demings.
Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Will Florida Republicans love Donald Trump more than Florida Democrats despise him in a year and a half? The answer to that question may well determine whether Republican Sen. Marco Ru…

Val Demings, A Democrat, Is Expected To Run For Senate Against Marco Rubio, According To Media Reports.

According to Politico and NBC News, Democratic Rep. Val Demings of Florida intends to run for the United States Senate, hoping to unseat Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who is up for reelection in 2022.…

Twitter Users Mock Marco Rubio For Pathetic Brag About Trump's New Blog
Donald Trump

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is endeavoring to flaunt his bona fides to Donald Trump's supporters to raise crusade cash. The congressperson conveyed a raising support email that prominent he "was suf…

GOP's 'Degrading Displays Of Affection' For Trump On Full Display In MSNBC Montage
Donald Trump

Satisfaction Reid committed "The Absolute Worst" montage portion on her MSNBC show on Wednesday to the Republicans dedicated to ex-President Donald Trump. The "lovefest" between the "Conservative…

Supercut Names And Shames Republicans Who Condemned Trump, Then Crawled Back To Him
Donald Trump

Conspicuous Republicans who denounced Donald Trump after the U.S. Legislative hall revolt yet then flip-floundered and accepted the ex-president were called out in another montage on Tuesday's trans…