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Wisconsin School District Opposes Universal Free Lunches In Order To Keep Children From Being "Spoiled"
School Lunch

A Wisconsin school district has turned down free, federally funded lunches for all students in order to keep families from being "spoiled," as one board member put it. Parents are now frantically a…

After Lawmakers Spent $65,000 Of COVID-19 Aid On Bonuses, A Judge Intervenes.

Following public outrage over the use of the funds and a county prosecutor calling the payments illegal, a Michigan judge has ordered that $65,000 in bonuses paid to county commissioners and staff u…

The Biden Administration Has Extended The Eviction Moratorium For Another 30 Days.
Housing Crisis

To assist tenants who are unable to make rent payments due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Biden administration has extended a nationwide ban on evictions for 30 days. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, direc…

Personal Income Increased Due To COVID-19 Rescue Plans Across The U.S.

According to government data released Tuesday, two coronavirus relief bills passed by Congress boosted personal income across the country. According to nonpartisan Bureau of Economic Analysis data,…