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Unions Are Assisting Big Pharma In Its Fight Against The Democrats' Prescription Drug Act.

A slew of powerful unions is assisting the pharmaceutical industry in combating a key plank of President Joe Biden's agenda, demonstrating how far the powerful lobby's influence extends into Democra…

Union Favorability Is At An All-time High Since 1965.
Labor Issues

According to a new Gallup poll, labor unions are more popular in the United States than they have been in more than a half-century. Sixty-eight percent of respondents approved of unions, the highes…

Scabby The Rat, A Union Protest Icon, Survives A Legal Challenge From A Trump Nominee.
First Amendment

Scabby the Rat is still alive and well. The beloved inflatable rodent, a fixture at labor protests in the United States for decades, was saved from extinction on Wednesday when the National Labor R…

The United States Supreme Court Has Ruled In Favor Of Businesses That Are Contesting California Labor Laws.
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court sided with California agriculture businesses on Wednesday in their challenge to a state regulation that allows unions access to farm property in order to organize workers. As a res…

Worker Turnover Is Amazon's Most Effective Union-Bashing Tool

In his first year working at an Amazon warehouse in 2015, Chris Smalls made a lot of friends, but most of them were gone within a few months. “That’s the name of Amazon’s game: hire and fire,” Smal…