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Harry Styles Interrupts His Concert To Provide Solid Dating Advice To A Fan.

This week, Harry Styles demonstrated that he is not only talented at singing, dancing, acting, hanging out with Stevie Nicks, and wearing necklaces — he is also gifted at giving advice. On Wednesd…

Olivia Wilde's 'Don't Worry, Darling' Teaser Shows Harry Styles Being Steamy AF

Olivia Wilde has released a teaser trailer for her upcoming film "Don't Worry, Darling," and it has Harry Styles fans riled up. The trailer, which gives viewers a 10-second glimpse into the upcomin…

Jason Sudeikis Isn't Sure What Happened To Olivia Wilde
Harry Styles

If you're perplexed by Jason Sudeikis' divorce from Olivia Wilde, you're not alone. Sudeikis himself appears perplexed by the end of their long engagement. The “Ted Lasso” creator and star revealed…

Salma Hayek's Story About Her Pet Owl And Harry Styles Has Sent Marvel Fans In A Tizzy.
Harry Styles

On “The Ellen Show” this week, Salma Hayek told a fairly innocuous and highly unrelatable story about her pet rescue owl, Kering, who caused all sorts of animal-related havoc. Hayek's accounts of t…