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Cindy McCain Admits To Crying At Meghan McCain's Segments On "The View" At Times.
The View

Cindy McCain, like millions of other Americans, cringes at her daughter's behavior on "The View." Meghan McCain's mother revealed this on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM show, but she admits she shouldn't b…

Cindy McCain Speculates On What Her Late Husband John Would Think Of Today's 'awful' Republican Party.
Donald Trump

Cindy McCain bemoaned the GOP's current "disarray" on Monday, imagining what her late husband, Arizona Sen. John McCain (R), would think of his party's surrender to ex-President Donald Trump. “I fe…

Cindy McCain Rips 'Ludicrous' Arizona Recount: 'The Election Is Over'

Cindy McCain on Sunday smacked down the progressing vote relate in Arizona by a disputable privately owned business as "over the top." "The political decision is finished. Biden won," pronounced M…