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Joy Reid Makes Fun Of Tucker Carlson's "Bare Asses" Analogy

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid slammed Tucker Carlson's claim that "medical Jim Crow has come to America" in the form of coronavirus vaccine passports. Reid dedicated "The Absolute Worst" segm…

GOP's 'Degrading Displays Of Affection' For Trump On Full Display In MSNBC Montage
Donald Trump

Satisfaction Reid committed "The Absolute Worst" montage portion on her MSNBC show on Wednesday to the Republicans dedicated to ex-President Donald Trump. The "lovefest" between the "Conservative…

Bliss Reid Takes Tucker Carlson's 'Race Lady' Dog Whistle, Throws It Back At 'Tuckums'

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid on Tuesday ridiculed Fox News character Tucker Carlson's rehashed critical portrayal of her as "the race woman." "The ReidOut" have noted she invests little energy watching t…