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Officer In St. Paul Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Allowing A Police Dog To Maul A Black Man.
Police Brutality

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A federal judge sentenced a former St. Paul police officer to six years in prison on Friday for kicking a suspect and letting a police dog maul him. According to Minnesota P…

The District Attorney Claims That The Police Killing Of Andrew Brown Jr. Was Justified.
North Carolina

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation determined that the police shooting of Black man Andrew Brown Jr. was "justified." Pasquotank County District Attorney Andrew Womble stated on Tuesd…

On The Anniversary Of The MOVE Bombing, Philadelphia's Health Commissioner Was Fired For Throwing Away Victim Remains.

On Thursday, the head of Philadelphia's public health department was forced to resign for mishandling the remains of MOVE bombing victims, a racist act of police violence that occurred 36 years ago…

Derek Chauvin's Attorney Requests New Trial For 'Jury Misconduct'
Black Lives Matter

The lawyer for previous Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin, who was as of late indicted for murdering George Floyd, is requesting another preliminary on various grounds including jury offense. Eric Nel…