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The Senate Confirms The First Muslim American Federal Judge In U.S. History.

The Senate confirmed Zahid Quraishi to a lifetime seat on a federal district court on Thursday, making him the country's first Muslim American federal judge. Senators voted 81-16 to confirm Quraish…

Police In New Jersey Are Looking Into A Bomb Threat At The Palestinian Center.
Hate Crimes

Local police are investigating dozens of obscene phone calls that flooded a Palestinian community center in New Jersey on Tuesday, including Islamophobic and misogynistic rhetoric, as well as death…

According To Reports, The Secret Service Spent $34,000 On Portable Toilets Near Trump Tower.
Donald Trump

Taxpayers are reportedly being drenched with a $34,140 bill for portable toilets in Bedminster, New Jersey, where ex-President Donald Trump is spending the summer at his golf resort. According to g…

I Got Into A Fight With A Stranger, And She Pulled Her Mask Down And Coughed In My Face.

On my daughter's second birthday in March, I got coughed on, and it was the kind of cough that happens on purpose, with the mask pulled down and curses flying, the kind of cough that might be filmed…

Cyberattack Forces Major US Pipeline Company To Halt Operations

WASHINGTON (AP) — An organization that works a significant U.S. energy pipeline says it had to incidentally end all pipeline tasks following a network safety assault. In a proclamation, Colonial P…

New Jersey Is Offering Free Beer To Residents Who Get A COVID-19 Vaccine

Nursery State inhabitants presently have some fluid impetus to get immunized against the Covid in the event that they haven't done so as of now. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) on Monday declared…