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The Justice Department Has Issued A Warning To States Regarding 'unusual' Trump-inspired Audits.
2020 Election

As Trump-supporting politicians across the country consider conducting conspiratorial "audits" of 2020 election returns, the Justice Department warned on Wednesday that federal law requires states t…

Republican Voters Believe Trump's Deception That Arizona's Sham Audit Could Overturn His Election Loss.

The so-called audit of the 2020 election conducted by Arizona Republicans is a charade based on conspiracy theories and outright lies that has no chance of overturning Donald Trump's defeat to Presi…

Republicans Claim That Conspiracy Theories About Election Fraud Caused Republican Voters To Stay Home In The New Mexico Special Election.
Republican Party

In an email sent on Thursday, the Republican Party of New Mexico blamed GOP congressional candidate Mark Moores' loss in a special election on "low voter turnout" caused by "angry" Republican voters…