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On The Day Before Barr Resigned, Trump's Department Of Justice Requested The Email Records Of Washington Post Reporters.
Donald Trump

During the final days of then-Attorney General William Barr's tenure, the Justice Department under former President Donald Trump attempted to seize the email records of three Washington Post reporte…

A Conservative Columnist Warns Of A Republican Plot To Steal The 2024 Election.
Donald Trump

In his most recent column for The Washington Post, conservative columnist Max Boot envisioned a "nightmare scenario" in which the GOP plots to steal future elections. “Republicans have spent nearly…

AP's Sally Buzbee Named First Female Executive Editor Of The Washington Post

Columnist Sally Buzbee of The Associated Press will take over as leader editorial manager of The Washington Post one month from now, turning into the primary lady to lead the paper's newsroom. She…

Trump's DOJ Secretly Seized Washington Post Journalists' Phone Records: Report
Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Justice Department furtively got the telephone records of Washington Post reporters covering Russia's obstruction in the 2016 official political race, the paper revealed Friday. DOJ…

Josh Hawley Claims Media Trying To Silence Him — During Media-Hosted Event

Josh Hawley is persuaded that media associations are out to get him, attempting to remove his voice as a feeble, regular Republican representative from Missouri. On Tuesday morning, Hawley's most…