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5 Miami Beach Police Officers Charged Following Violent Arrests Of Black Men In Hotel
Police Brutality

Five Miami Beach police officers have been charged with battery after video emerged last week showing them violently assaulting two Black men. The Miami-Dade County state attorney's office announce…

Miami Beach Mayor Ron DeSantis Is Dubbed The "Pied Piper" Of COVID-19, Leading The State "off A Cliff."

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber called Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis the "pied piper" of COVID-19, accusing him of "leading everybody off a cliff." Gelber slammed the governor's opposition to C…

Near Miami Beach, A Portion Of An Apartment Building Collapses.
U.S. News

More than 80 rescue vehicles were dispatched early Thursday morning in Surfside, Florida, near Miami Beach, to reports of a partial building collapse. Although it is unknown whether there were any…

DaBaby, A Rapper From Miami Beach, Is Being Questioned By Police In Connection With A Shooting.
Memorial Day

MIAMI (AP) — Miami Beach police are questioning Grammy-nominated rapper DaBaby about a shooting that injured two people, officials said Tuesday. Jonathan Kirk, DaBaby's legal name, was one of many…