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After Cicada Dive-Bombs Him On Live TV, A Reporter Recovers Flawlessly
Washington Dc

After a rogue cicada assailed him during a live shot Wednesday, a Washington, D.C., reporter provided some comic relief. Fox 5 DC's Evan Lambert reported on the announcement that hospitals in Washi…

Cicadas Have Grounded The White House Press Plane
White House

Journalists who were scheduled to accompany Joe Biden on his first overseas trip as president were delayed on their outbound flight to England on Tuesday night due to cicadas. According to The New…

This CNN Reporter Is About 3 Seconds Away From Passing Out Due To A Cicada.

A cicada joined a CNN reporter as he prepared for a live shot on Thursday. The bug crept up Manu Raju's jacket, over his shoulder, and then behind his neck, going unnoticed at first. Raju felt the…