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GETTR, A New Right-wing Social Media Site, Has Been Plagued By Hacker Attacks, Porn, And Sonic The Hedgehog References.

On the day of its official launch, the new right-wing social media site GETTR was briefly hacked and inundated with porn and images of Sonic the Hedgehog. The platform's most prominent verified use…

Criminals Demand $70 Million Ransom In Historically Large Global Cyberattack

The criminal organization REvil, which has claimed responsibility for a global cyberattack that security officials are calling one of the largest in history, has demanded $70 million in exchange for…

The United States' Response To Ransomware Attacks Is Hampered By Obstacles.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Foreign keyboard criminals with little fear of repercussions have paralyzed American schools and hospitals, leaked highly sensitive police files, caused fuel shortages, and, mo…

After Being Hacked, US Pipelines Have Been Ordered To Beef Up Their Cyber Defenses.
Joe Biden

WASHINGTON (AP) — Under a Biden administration directive issued in response to the ransomware hack that disrupted gas supplies in several states this month, U.S. pipeline operators will be required…