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A Woman Is Suing An Arkansas Trooper Who Flipped Her Car While She Was Attempting To Pull Over.

Last year, an Arkansas state trooper flipped a pregnant woman's car on the highway while she was looking for a safe place to pull over, according to the woman, who is now suing the officer, Senior C…

'One In A Million' Bass Landed By Angler
Weird News

An angler in Arkansas caught a fish that is extremely rare. Last week, Josh Rogers of the Ozark Highlands caught a gold-colored largemouth bass on a swim jig in Beaver Lake. He quickly identified…

The ACLU Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Arkansas For An Anti-transgender Law That Restricts Youth Health Care.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the state of Arkansas on Tuesday over a new law that prevents transgender children from receiving essential medical care, claiming that the…