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The Alligator Pays A Visit To A Church In Florida And Is Greeted By The Pastor.

An alligator stopped by a church in Florida, where it was greeted by parishioners and given a business card by the pastor. Photos and video taken at Victory Church in LeHigh Acres show a small gat…

An Alligator Enters A Florida Post Office.

When a customer came in to mail a package and discovered a 7-foot alligator in the lobby, sheriff's deputies and a wildlife trapper were called to the Florida post office. According to the Her…

A 3-day Escape From The Wisconsin Zoo Is Staged By An Arthritic Alligator.

An “unathletic” alligator with “terrible arthritis” managed to stage a three-day breakout, perplexing the owner of a Wisconsin zoo. Steve "Doc" Hopkins, owner of Doc's Zoo at Doc's Harley Davidson…