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Biden Kicks Off His Overseas Trip By Declaring That The "United States Is Back."
United States

MILDENHALL, England (AP) — President Joe Biden kicked off his first overseas trip of his presidency on Wednesday by declaring that “the United States is back,” as he seeks to reassert the country o…

Climate Change Is A 'Crime' That Humanity Has Inflicted On The Planet, According To David Attenborough
Climate Change

In an interview that aired Sunday, renowned naturalist David Attenborough called climate change a "crime" committed by humanity against the planet, questioning why society should have the right to c…

Climate Change Is To Blame For 37% Of Global Heat-related Deaths, According To A New Study.
United States

According to the most recent study on the human cost of climate change, more than one-third of the world's heat deaths each year are directly caused by global warming. But, according to scientists,…

Bernie Sanders: Progressives Should "Tone Down" Calling Israel An "Apartheid State"
United States

Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that his fellow progressives should "tone down the rhetoric" when it comes to using words like "apartheid" to describe Israel's treatment of Palestinians. The Ver…