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As COVID-19 Vaccine Lottery Prizes, West Virginia Will Give Away Firearms, Trucks, And Cash.

As part of its COVID-19 vaccine incentive program, West Virginia intends to give away firearms, trucks, cash, and other prizes. From June 20 to August 4, the state will award a variety of items as…

A Los Angeles County Firefighter Opens Fire On A Fire Station, Killing A Colleague.

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (AP) — An off-duty Los Angeles County firefighter killed one fellow firefighter and injured another at their small community fire station Tuesday before going to his nearby ho…

The Miami Police Chief Has Slammed A Texas Bill That Would Allow Unlicensed Handgun Carrying.

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo slammed a new Texas bill that would eliminate most handgun licensing requirements in the state on Sunday, calling it "ridiculous" and contrary to the wishes of law enf…

On 'SNL,' Beck Bennett Blows Off Family Jewels While Recreating Georgia Governor Gun Stunt.
Saturday Night Live

In a "Saturday Night Live" sketch, a "protective" father played by Beck Bennett had a bit of a mishap while posing for prom photos with his daughter, her date — and a shotgun. “I saw it on the int…