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Aidy Bryant's Worst Date Ended In Tears At "The Most Romantic Place"
Jimmy Kimmel

Aidy Bryant's worst date is worthy of a "Saturday Night Live" parody. On Jimmy Kimmel's talk show on Monday, the "SNL" comedian was asked to describe her worst date, and she came up with a doozy.…

On 'SNL,' Beck Bennett Blows Off Family Jewels While Recreating Georgia Governor Gun Stunt.
Saturday Night Live

In a "Saturday Night Live" sketch, a "protective" father played by Beck Bennett had a bit of a mishap while posing for prom photos with his daughter, her date — and a shotgun. “I saw it on the int…

After A 'crazy' Season, The Cast Of 'Saturday Night Live' Bids A Heartfelt Farewell.
Saturday Night Live

The season finale of "Saturday Night Live" featured a one-of-a-kind cold open that brought the cast together to reflect on a wild year of COVID and strange politics. “This year was crazy,” Aidy Bry…