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California Reverses Its Policy Of Prohibiting Unmasked Students From Entering University Campuses.

California reversed its position on barring students who do not wear masks from school campuses, instead leaving it up to local K-12 officials to determine how to handle students who do not comply w…

School Boards Become Battlegrounds Over Tears, Politics, And Money

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) — Disputes over COVID-19 mask rules, the treatment of transgender students, and how to teach the history of racism and slavery in America are boiling over on local school boar…

Yoga Is No Longer Prohibited In Alabama Public Schools, But Saying "Namaste" Is.

After a nearly three-decade battle, students in Alabama's public schools can now practice yoga. However, they are not permitted to use the traditional Sanskrit salutation "namaste," nor are they pe…