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After Becoming Trapped In A Factory Ceiling, A Virginia Bear Was Rescued.

Wildlife will always be free, unless and until restrictions restrict their freedom. According to state wildlife officials, on June 4, a bear became trapped in the ceiling of a western Virginia man…

A 17-year-old Girl Goes Up Against A Bear To Protect Her Dogs.
Viral Video

A 17-year-old California girl was filmed shoving a large bear off her fence after the animal swiped at her dogs. “The dog that the bear grabbed is the baby,” Hailey Morinico told NBC News, a…

'Shameful': GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful's Bear Stunt Slammed By Animal Rights Groups

Conservative finance manager John Cox, a challenger to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in a potential fall review political decision ― incited a clamor on Tuesday when he brought a 1,000-pound bear…

Colorado Woman Killed In Apparent Bear Attack While Walking Her Dogs

A Colorado lady strolling her canines was discovered dead close to her home in what has all the earmarks of being a bear assault, natural life authorities revealed. The body of the 39-year-old uni…