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The Director Of 'Friends' Reunion Reveals How A Set Mistake Nearly Ruined An Emotional Open

Ben Winston, the director of “Friends: The Reunion,” revealed how a production blunder nearly ruined the show’s emotional opening sequence. Winston told The New York Times that he wanted the six ac…

Lisa Kudrow Shares Heartwarming 'Friends' Reunion Moment On Set That She Missed
Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow, the star of “Friends,” has revealed her favorite part of the recent reunion special – and it's a moment that many viewers might have missed. Kudrow recently reunited with the rest of t…

So No One Warned You That The Friends Reunion Trailer Would Make You Cry So Hard.
Lisa Kudrow

Prepare to laugh, cry, and obsessively research Jennifer Aniston's skin care routine, because the "Friends" reunion trailer has arrived. HBO Max debuted the first full-length trailer for the upcomi…