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After The Supreme Court's Decision, Obama Declared That The Affordable Care Act Is "here To Stay."
Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama said Thursday that the Affordable Care Act, one of his signature policy achievements, is safe after the Supreme Court rejected yet another constitutional challenge to t…

Despite A Republican Lawsuit, The Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare.

The Supreme Court has rejected the most recent constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act, which means that 31 million Americans will keep their health insurance and preexisting condition p…

Obamacare Has Now Enrolled 31 Million People, The Most Ever.

More people are getting health insurance through the Affordable Care Act than ever before, providing new evidence of the law's worth even as its survival is dependent on a Supreme Court decision tha…

The Big Biden Policy Idea Nobody (Not Even Joe Biden) Is Discussing

There's been bunches of buzz about President Joe Biden's medical care plan and which recommendations he will focus on. Yet, nearly no one is speaking openly about a thought that could do a huge loa…