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Democrats Reintroduce Abortion Protection Bill As Reproductive Rights Are Under Attack
Democratic Party

Democrats are reintroducing legislation to protect people's access to abortion at the same time that Republicans are pushing dozens of bills at the state level to limit access to reproductive rights…

Biden Leaves Hyde Amendment Out Of Budget, Fulfilling Promise To Protect Abortion Rights
Joe Biden

The promise made by President Joe Biden to support abortion rights was reflected in his fiscal 2022 budget proposal to Congress. The Hyde Amendment, which denies insurance coverage for abortions to…

The Proponents Of 'Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Bans' Are Lying To You.

It has been two years since conservative lawmakers began widely employing “fetal heartbeat” rhetoric to pass abortion bans as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Despite the medical community spea…

Greg Abbott, The Governor Of Texas, Has Signed A Strict Six-week Abortion Ban.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has signed anti-abortion legislation that effectively bans the procedure at six weeks, when many patients are unaware they are pregnant, and allows anyone to enforce the b…