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In This Moving Short Film, An Arab Muslim And His Gay Brother Reconcile.

With one of his most beloved projects, filmmaker Mike Mosallam hopes to highlight the importance of family, both biological and chosen, during this Pride Month. The clip above gives Stardia a sneak…

The Senate Confirms The First Muslim American Federal Judge In U.S. History.

The Senate confirmed Zahid Quraishi to a lifetime seat on a federal district court on Thursday, making him the country's first Muslim American federal judge. Senators voted 81-16 to confirm Quraish…

According To A New Study, Only About 2% Of Movie Characters Are Muslim.

According to a study published on Thursday, less than 2% of movie characters with speaking roles are Muslim. The study, which looked at 200 popular films released in the United States, the United K…

Connecticut Fires A Prison Guard Due To An Anti-Muslim Meme

A guard in Connecticut's prison system was fired after an Islamic group complained about an anti-Muslim meme he shared on social media years ago. Garner Correctional Institution warden Amoda Hannah…

As Biden Refuses To Call For A Cease-fire, American Muslim Organizations Boycott White House Events.
Joe Biden

Several prominent American Muslim organizations boycotted the annual White House Eid celebration on Sunday, adding to the criticism leveled at the Biden administration over its handling of the ongoi…