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Republican Senators Offer Biden A $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan

Republican Senators Offer Biden A $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators unveiled a $928 billion infrastructure plan on Thursday, a counter-proposal to President Joe Biden's more expansive proposal, as the two sides struggle to reach a bipartisan agreement and remain far apart on how to pay for the massive spending.

According to a one-page summary released by GOP negotiators, the Republican proposal would increase spending on roads and bridges by $91 billion, water resources by $48 billion, and airports by $25 billion, with one-time increases in broadband investments of $65 billion and rail investments of $22 billion.

Republicans have rejected Biden's proposed corporate tax increase to fund new investments, preferring instead to redirect unspent COVID-19 relief funds to help cover the costs.

“It’s a serious effort to try to reach a bipartisan agreement,” said West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito, the lead Republican negotiator.

The Republican senators claimed that their proposal addresses “core infrastructure investments” that Biden has highlighted as areas of potential bipartisan agreement, but their overall approach is likely to be met with skepticism by Democrats and the White House.

Their plan, with approximately $250 billion in new spending, falls short of the more ambitious proposal outlined in the president's American Jobs Plan, and Biden reduced his $2.3 trillion opening bid to $1.7 trillion in earlier negotiations.

Investing in infrastructure is a top legislative priority for Biden. Negotiations are at a stalemate ahead of a Memorial Day deadline to reach a bipartisan agreement. The White House is weighing whether the president can strike the contours of an agreement with Republicans or whether he will go it alone with Democrats if no progress is made in the coming days.

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