Home Posts Juan Williams Of Fox News Has Announced His Departure From 'The Five.'
Juan Williams Of Fox News Has Announced His Departure From 'The Five.'
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Juan Williams Of Fox News Has Announced His Departure From 'The Five.'

Juan Williams, co-host of Fox News' "The Five," announced at the end of Wednesday's broadcast that it was his final day co-hosting the show.

The lone liberal-leaning voice on the conservative network's panel of hosts for the talk show announced in brief remarks that he was leaving the show but would continue to work for the network as a political analyst.

“COVID taught me a lot of lessons,” Williams said, adding that when the show resumes filming from the network’s New York studio, he will return to his home in Washington, D.C., to carry out his duties as a political analyst.

In December, Williams contracted COVID-19, forcing “The Five” to return to remote filming after briefly broadcasting from the New York studio in the fall.

“You know, it’s been seven years since I’ve been a daily host of this show,” Williams said, adding that “the show’s popularity has grown every single year, so thank you. Thank you so much, to you, the viewers. Thank you.”

As a result of his left-wing commentary, Williams was frequently involved in heated, headline-making debates with his co-hosts, especially Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters.

In the meantime, Fox News will replace Williams with another liberal-leaning host and will use a rotating group of substitute hosts.

Fox News Vice President Megan Albano said in a statement that the network was "extremely grateful" to Williams for his dedication to the show and its success.

“When we began planning The Five’s return to its New York City studio at our headquarters a few months ago, Juan decided to stay in Washington, DC permanently, and we accommodated his request, understanding and appreciating his desire to be closer to his family and recognizing that a remote co-hosting role on a roundtable in-studio program was not a long-term option,” she said.

“While we will miss his insightful contributions each night and look forward to welcoming him on set whenever he is in New York, we are delighted to have him continue his longstanding role as a senior political analyst with Fox News Media.”

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