Home Posts As Injuries Mount, Mets Owner Steve Cohen Encourages Fans To "suit Up."
As Injuries Mount, Mets Owner Steve Cohen Encourages Fans To "suit Up."

As Injuries Mount, Mets Owner Steve Cohen Encourages Fans To "suit Up."

After watching his team lose another player, Johneshwy Fargas, to injury on Monday, New York Mets owner Steve Cohen turned to the crowd.

On Twitter, he joked, "Anybody want to suit up?"

Anyone interested in dressing up? — Steven Cohen (@StevenACohen2) May 25, 2021

The Mets' situation, on the other hand, is no laughing matter. Fargas sprained his shoulder while running into the outfield wall, becoming the team's fourth center fielder to be injured in May alone, according to Reuters. The Mets, who lost 3-2 to the Rockies, have more than 12 players on the injured list.

It's no surprise Cohen was on the lookout for stand-ins.

Fans responded to the call with hilarity — or with hilarious excuses.

I would, but my hammy is tense. — Michael Shanahan (@Pattysdad) May 25, 2021

During my three-year varsity career at Don Bosco High School from 1965 to 1967, I pitched and played third base, second base, and outfield. What is your offer? — Joe Fulfs (@JoeFulfs) May 25, 2021

I'd like to apply because I played second base in high school...I'm also fluent in Spanish and excel. — optimisticmetsfan (@optimistic_mets) May 25, 2021

— Heath Z-Man (@mrnygiants19) May 25, 2021

I'll suit up and play shortstop. According to the law of averages, I can hit sub.200 for $30+ million as well — Allyn White - Treadstone Risk Management (@AllynRisk) May 25, 2021

Put her outfield. Crazy speed pic.twitter.com/Rxy9S7h2de — Rob Rinehart (@RobMRinehart) May 25, 2021

I'm available. I'm short on talent but long on heart. Could I be a backup bullpen catcher? — B. Robert (@bpeter7492) May 25, 2021

You couldn't do worse than your 341 million dollar shortstop..... — Mike James (@thetruemj518) May 25, 2021

Put me in coach.....I'm only 5'6, I won't swing the bat once. Guaranteed 2-3 walks per game. I can bat ninth behind the pitcher, get on base, and @You_Found_Nimmo can drive me in. My calves are abnormally large.....I'm like a bison charging in a field on the base paths — Damon Cerreta (@DamonCerreta) May 25, 2021

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