Home Posts After A Group's 'widely Publicized Untrue Claims,' Prince Harry Receives An Apology.
After A Group's 'widely Publicized Untrue Claims,' Prince Harry Receives An Apology.
Prince Harry

After A Group's 'widely Publicized Untrue Claims,' Prince Harry Receives An Apology.

The Charity Commission of the United Kingdom released a new report on Tuesday that cleared the charities of Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle of alleged wrongdoing, prompting the anti-monarchy group Republic to apologize.

After Republic publicly expressed its concerns last July, the Charity Commission, a government department that regulates and registers charities in England and Wales, investigated allegations of misappropriation of funds.

The commission investigated two transfers of funds from the Cambridges' Royal Foundation to the Sussexes' MWX Foundation (formerly known as Sussex Royal and currently in the process of being wound down), with some funds from the Royal Foundation then transferred from the MWX Foundation to Harry's sustainable travel venture, Travalyst.

According to the commission's report, all transfers were "in line with the Royal Foundation's governing document and allowed under charity law." The commission also found the additional transfer from MWX to Travalyst to be lawful, though it noted that "decisions on spending were not adequately documented" and thus were not indicative of a "best practice."

Helen Earner, the Charity Commission's director of regulatory services, stated in a statement that "the trustees complied with their duties under charity law, and the transfers of funds between different organizations were in accordance with the charities' governing documents, with conflicts of interest being appropriately managed."

On Tuesday, Republic issued a lengthy apology to the Duke of Sussex and Sussex Royal, as well as a reprinting of the full Charity Commission report.

“On 20 July 2020, we falsely claimed that the transfer of funds from the Royal Foundation to Sussex Royal and Travalyst was improper and likely illegal,” the group said. “We also wrote to the Charity Commission expressing the same points and then widely publicized our letter to the U.K. media without knowing whether what we claimed was true. Our intention was to draw attention to the allegation.

Republic apologized for failing to contact The Royal Foundation or Sussex Royal before going public with its allegations in the media and with the Charity Commission.

“We accept that if we had contacted the organizations directly, we would have quickly realized that there was nothing improper in their operations,” the group added, adding that “we apologize unreservedly to the charities and personally to The Duke of Sussex for our actions and the public damage that has been caused as a result of widely publicized untrue claims.”

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said, “We are pleased that the Charity Commission has confirmed what we knew from the start: that the MWX Foundation, formerly Sussex Royal, complied fully with UK charity law in its handling and transferring of funds and grants.”

“Today’s update brings this review to a close, highlighting both the legitimacy of the former charity and the baselessness of the claims made against it,” the statement continued.

Stardia's request for comment was not answered by Kensington Palace.

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