Home Posts In Stunning Remarks On Voter Suppression, Liz Cheney Sides With Trump And The GOP.
In Stunning Remarks On Voter Suppression, Liz Cheney Sides With Trump And The GOP.

In Stunning Remarks On Voter Suppression, Liz Cheney Sides With Trump And The GOP.

You can remove the Republican from her position as House majority leader, but you can't remove the politician from the Republican.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo. ), whose condemnation of Donald Trump's election lies turned her into an enemy within her own party, demonstrated her loyalty to the Republican Party. (See video below.)

Cheney, who was ousted from House leadership earlier this month for her Trump criticism, told Axios in an interview aired on HBO Sunday that she did not see a link between the GOP's false claims of voter fraud in swing states and Republican-led voter suppression measures.

“Do you see any connection between Donald Trump saying the election was stolen to Republicans and all these state legislatures rushing to enact restrictive voter laws?” journalist Jonathan Swan inquired.

Cheney avoided a direct response, but Swan persisted, pointing out that it was no coincidence that Republicans increased their anti-voting efforts after critical election losses. Then Cheney went full mealy-mouth:

“Everyone should want a situation and system in which people who should be able to vote and have the right to vote can vote, and people who do not should not,” she said.

After key Republican defeats in the U.S. Senate and the presidency in 2020 and 2021, a reported 45 states moved to restrict voting. In some states that tightened voting restrictions, including Florida, Trump and other GOP candidates won.

Tweeters had harsh words for Cheney.

@LizCheney pretended to be human for 2 seconds, and now people expect it? — The Elphaba Male (@troi44b2) May 24, 2021

Liz Cheney may deny the former president's Big Lie, but she fully supports the Big Lie of voter fraud, knowing that Republicans cannot win unless voter suppression laws are enacted. — Boomer53 (@TwoDawgies) May 24, 2021

Lynne Lyons (@LynneLy60576081) 24 May 2021

Jtyson (@Jtyson15033511) May 24, 2021

Let's face it, a leopard never changes its spots. Liz Cheney is a dyed in the wool R.....that is never going to change. She did the right thing in dealing with 45, but that is all. Let's not make a saint out of her. — Margaret Anne (@GingerBMamma) May 24, 2021

— Geraldine Connor (@gconnor1952) May 24, 2021

Jonathan exposes her hypocrisy on a grand scale. She may be my enemy's enemy, but she is definitely not my friend. — Kiki (@christinelotz) May 24, 2021

Yet people continue to believe that she is the big kid in the GOP party, when in fact she is just like the rest of them... — Stephanie (@sweetsmithie01) May 24, 2021

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